Global Network & Locations

At Your Finger Tips:Verizon’s Massive Global Network

A high-performing cloud is as stable and secure as the data center where it is located and the network that connects it. Dial into Verizon Cloud’s robust foundation, supported by top-tier data centers and Verizon’s leading network.

Strong Applicationson a Global Scale

​Online applications have never been more important, and application response times can mean the difference between winning customers and losing them. With Verizon Cloud, as your business expands, so does its geographic reach. Verizon Cloud provides global infrastructure services with points of presence around the world, so you can deploy highly available enterprise applications and data with ease, wherever you need them.

PublicInternet Services

​Leverage the massive global network connectivity of Verizon and some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies located within Verizon’s data centers. The Verizon network has direct access to the backbones of the world’s leading Tier I, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers so users get high-performance access to data from any location.


​Bringing your data closer to end users is important. Verizon has invested in state-of-the-art data centers to deliver Verizon Cloud services. Strong cloud security begins at the physical level, which is why all data center locations are purpose-built and cloud-enabled. We have cloud data centers located in the United States, Europe and LatinAmerica.

Network Services forContemporary Cloud Challenges

​Cloud deployments should be a natural extension of your existing data center; free of networking challenges. The Verizon network and services will keep pace with current and future cloud computing models. Our ability to manage and fine-tune networks helps with growing complexities, and our mix of public IP, private IP and strategic providers offers a complete set of connectivity technologies.

Designed forHybrid Cloud

​As a cloud and network provider, Verizon addresses the challenges of maintaining application performance on the cloud. By design, Verizon Cloud supports hybrid cloud deployments and can leverage global infrastructure services such as Managed Secure Enterprise Gateway for the delivery of application performance across varied networks.

High-PerformancePrivate Connectivity

​Take advantage of application flexibility, business agility and cost control of the cloud, while maintaining high security and privacy standards. Secure Cloud Interconnect uses the high-performing connections of Verizon’s Private IP network to safely link you to a select ecosystem of cloud service providers. The reliability, speed and diversity of the network provide an end-to-end environment for your cloud-based applications. Secure Cloud Interconnect combined with other network services offer a complete, integrated solution.

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