Extended Data Center

Expand Applications
beyond existing data centers

Extend data center capacity while maintaining strong security and application performance. Verizon’s Extended Data Center Solutions offer cost-effective solutions for enterprises facing compute and storage resource constraints.

Keep Up withYour Business

​Business growth and geographic expansion often demand innovative IT solutions for scalability while keeping costs under control.

With Verizon’s expansive footprint, you can deploy workloads over multiple facilities. Elastic cloud services match the pace of your business, allowing you to enter new markets with the access and performance that users demand. Additionally, you have the freedom to align managed service levels to specific workload requirements. Verizon’s seamlessly interconnected services let you create a truly hybrid solution.

Solutions for

Verizon’s agile cloud services allow you to scale at a moments notice to match the pace of your business. Access additional storage space when you need it and control IT costs for unused storage when demands decrease.

Solving theStorage Burden

​As data volume grows exponentially year after year, managing it becomes increasingly difficult. As you extend your data center to Verizon Cloud, you gain instant access to the storage space you need for backups, file sharing, collaboration, archiving and more. Additionally, we offer redundancy options by allowing you to store and access data from up to three different locations, helping protect your data from disasters.

Verizon Cloud Storage is a utility-based solution, meaning you have no up-front investments, your management and maintenance costs are controlled, and your team can focus on the business at hand.

Extend Your Private Networkto the Cloud

​Verizon offers a simple, secure and effective way to expand your MPLS network to the cloud.

Run cloud-ready, seasonal or fast-growing apps as if they were running in your own data center by terminating your private network directly into Verizon Cloud. This expedites provisioning time and reduces the risks posed by exposing your sensitive data to the Internet. You define how end users access workloads running in the cloud — through the Internet or private network.

Keep YourSecurity Procedures Untouched

​The same security processes and controls that you used in your data center extend to Verizon Cloud, virtually eliminating any compromises. Our Cloud Onboarding services help you connect and secure your cloud environment, while Verizon Security services protect your extended IT footprint.

SecurityMade Easy

​Moving workloads beyond your data center can be challenging. Verizon Cloud solutions help you address your individual security compliance requirements..

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