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Customization and Control withCloud Storage & Computing Services

Enterprises need more than generic cloud solutions to meet their needs. Get the level of customization and control that your business requires built on one of the world’s most trusted and connected networks. Verizon Cloud offers secure compute and storage resources with the flexibility and control through the cloud console. Public, private or hybrid, Verizon Cloud features scalable solutions for comprehensive security, durable storage and robust performance.


A single user interface binds your deployments together so you can deploy, view, manage and automate your workloads under a unified experience regardless of the deployment and compute option you choose. ​

Looking to automate? With the Verizon Cloud Application Programming Interface (API) you can automate tasks and integrate resources into your applications and tools. By integrating the interface into a monitoring system, for example, you can set thresholds that start up new virtual machines and shut down unnecessary services. Any function in the cloud management interface can be automated with the cloud API.

Built for your business

​Verizon’s new Cloud Console simplifies your cloud computing experience.

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Public and Virtual PrivateCloud Deployments

Your business is one of a kind, so shouldn't your cloud match your needs? Verizon Cloud provides you with both Public and Virtual Private Cloud deployment options to match your specific workload requirements.

Have a development and test workload? Or do you need to quickly ramp up your server capacity to satisfy temporary demand? Our Public Cloud deployment option is well suited for web-scale applications that don't require specialized configuration and support. Public Cloud provides scalable, predictable infrastructure on a per-instance basis so you only pay for the capacity that you need.

Do you need the economics of the public cloud, but more isolation, configuration flexibility and support for your more complex needs? Our Virtual Private Cloud deployment option offers you the cost effectiveness of a public cloud but includes added levels of configuration, control, and support capabilities that help improve isolation and control for your business needs.

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Compute ConfigurationsTo Match Any Workload

You've chosen how you want to deploy – now choose the Compute Configuration that best meets your needs. Verizon Cloud offers many options that allow you to use and consume the cloud the way you need. Choose from both instance-based and resource pool models. Select the right Compute Configuration that matches your specific needs, each with options that define server, network, firewall, and storage characteristics. Do you need reserved server and storage performance? Do you need to configure a specialized DMZ, Private network or a Layer 2 extension of your network to the Cloud? Verizon Cloud gives you a wealth of options.

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Cloud First APPROACH

​Explore the ways enterprises are changing their approach to cloud adoption in Verizon’s State of the Market report.

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Private Cloud(Off Premise/On Premise)

Enterprises and government agencies alike require security, integrity and availability of mission-critical information. Private Dedicated Cloud deployments specifically meet these requirements. Private Dedicated Cloud deployments provide higher levels of security and isolation of cloud resources for customers with unique requirements. Take advantage of the power, agility and flexibility of the cloud while conforming to your internal policies and security requirements. Tailor it to meet your exact business and workload needs. Have it built on your premises or ours with Verizon experts managing the entire environment. Private Cloud offers our most secure and customizable cloud deployment option.

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Securely store, access and protect all your non-transactional data in the cloud — where you want, the way you want and for as long as you want — all from a single management console with Verizon Cloud Storage. Choose where and how your data objects reside. Get the right performance, fault tolerance and security based on your applications and users. Be confident knowing your data — your most valuable asset — will be there when you need it. Verizon Cloud Storage is designed to achieve data durability of 99.999999999%. This re-envisioned cloud data storage platform performs continuous data integrity checks and is self-healing. Innovative software and technology provide redundancy at the data object level. Access your storage using our powerful identity and authentication systems — or with your existing repositories – from virtually anywhere in the world. Connect Verizon Cloud Storage in the same data center to your cloud compute workloads in less than three clicks. Security and control have never been simpler.​

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Verizon Cloud Backup helps protect your virtual workloads with an easy to use, straightforward backup and restore solution. In just a few clicks within the Cloud Console, you can enable an enterprise cloud backup of your virtual workloads and get protected using our standard backup policy. With our simple and intuitive user interface, restoring your data is just as easy, allowing you full control over restoring data into your existing virtual machine, a new one, or into new environments. Verizon Cloud Backup is available for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Cloud Spaces.

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FlexibleManagement Options

​Verizon Cloud offers flexible support suited to your specific workload needs across all deployment and compute options. Verizon Cloud Management Services offer different service levels with common feature sets and easy-to-understand pricing that lets you align support levels to your workload demands.

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