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Where is the Cloud Going?

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Our recent healthcare cloud and Brazilian security services launch announcements remind me that anyone can commission the building of a data center, but it’s just a gigantic warehouse of little use to enterprises if key services are missing. Just look at how the data center has evolved in the last three years. Hosting players are increasingly rolling out cloud services from the same data centers to capitalize on the flourishing cloud marketplace. As we say at Verizon Terremark, enterprises are consuming many flavors of cloud, which means that certain requirements have to be in place. So, what’s the next evolution of cloud?

Verizon’s healthcare cloud is a great example of a vertical focused flavor of cloud. Anchored in Verizon Terremark’s cloud-enabled facilities, Verizon is delivering a comprehensive portfolio specifically designed to help the healthcare industry address HIPAA requirements for safeguarding digital information. Healthcare providers and their stakeholders can now utilize hybrid clouds, colocation and managed hosting solutions. They can have additional peace of mind in knowing that Verizon Terremark’s Miami, Fla. and Culpeper, Va data centers meet a number of security requirements, including, PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Service Provider and ITIL v3 based best practices. In bringing this portfolio to market, Verizon – and Terremark by extension – is one of the first top-tier providers to offer a full range of public and private cloud services that meet applicable physical, administrative and technical security controls under HIPAA.

Another example of where the cloud is headed is the launch of Verizon’s managed and professional security services in Terremark’s Sao Paulo, Brazil facility. These services fill a critical need for security services for multinational corporations and government agencies in Latin America. This uses what Verizon calls its “ground to ground” strategy for the region, which has always been a growth market for Verizon Terremark. The goal is to bring in the best of both worlds – seasoned security expertise and a full set of managed services from on-premise managed security, application vulnerability scanning, and vulnerability management to a comprehensive security management program. One of my favorite things about this offering is that Latin American customers can now tap the Verizon Research Intelligence Solutions Knowledge (RISK) team’s insight into the threat intelligence synthesized from monitoring and managing one of the largest IP networks in the world.

In the last few months, I’ve started to notice chatter about the commoditization of the cloud. The thing is, if a data center and cloud are properly designed to deliver enterprise grade services, the cloud becomes a place where we can constantly innovate and evolve. On the other hand, if you built just a big building or offer a cloud from someone else’s big building, well, you might just be playing catch up.

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