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Terremark Embraces Open Standards

The cloud market continues to evolve rapidly, with near daily announcements of new offerings, services, partnerships or pricing models. Embracing that evolution Verizon Terremark has recently invested in two open source cloud projects: the Xen Project and Cloudstack. In doing so, we are investing in technologies that allow us to bring high quality products to market, while also helping participate in the long term development of key components of the cloud service delivery platform. For Cloudstack, we are endorsing the project and actively participating in the community. With Xen, Verizon Terremark is making a monetary contribution to the development project and joining the Linux Foundation as an advisory board member. The Linux Foundation is the new home of the Xen project.

Verizon Terremark has long been supportive of open standards; however, now is the right time for us to get formally involved in the open-standard ecosystem. Our support and investment reflects our desire to see the cloud market mature quickly and provide businesses with cloud-based offerings that address specific needs like performance, cost and flexibility. From our perspective, investing in open source technologies at this stage of market development makes sense because it accelerates sharing, technology and ecosystem growth and reduces development and go-to-market costs. Here are some of the many benefits we see in supporting open standards:

  • API, application and technology sharing – Open source virtualization platform capabilities and applications make it easier and faster to develop programs and reduce training and compliance costs for end users. Technology sharing leads to higher quality, more robust implementations.
  • Ecosystem and market growth – Open standards allows developers to build rich systems of cooperating solutions which foster a market and encourage a higher level of adoption by businesses of all sizes as well as developers and consumers.
  • Cost reductions – Standards lower the barrier to entry for new technology companies as well as service costs for established players. End users ultimately win with increased price competition and innovation.

Verizon Terremark chose to invest in Xen and Cloudstack because of our close relationship with Citrix. Citrix currently supports the Verizon Terremark portfolio of enterprise-class IT services. We believe our involvement with Xen and CloudStack will further the industry momentum around these technologies. While these are significant because they are our first active investments in open cloud projects, they will not be our last support of the open source movement.  We believe that in supporting open source projects we increase the overall market acceptance of these platforms thus providing additional quality, choice and value to our customers. If the cloud market is to mature at a pace and to the level we foresee, established companies like Verizon Terremark have to embrace open standards and encourage continued ecosystem development. That step for us begins today.

Chris Drumgoole
Chris Drumgoole

Senior Vice President, Global Operations


  • Chip Childers (VP of Apache CloudStack) says:

    Good for you folks! Welcome to the CloudStack community. We look forward to seeing you on the lists, and don’t hesitate to ask if you want pointers to where we could use more volunteers.

  • Mark Creamer says:


  • Olivier MAES says:

    Thank your for your trust in Cloudstack and its community.
    Great move which gives us strength to keep drumming the beat about superior openness of our platform.


    Great news for CloudStack ecosystem!

  • diablo 3 gold says:

    Verizon Terremark chose to invest in Xen and Cloudstack because of our close relationship with Citrix. Citrix mmogoing.com currently supports the Verizon Terremark portfolio of enterprise-class IT services

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  • Melissa says:

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  • Raymonvil says:

    Thank you all for posting. I have never colampined about a company in my life. I am so troubled that I must speak, and am sorry but relieved that I am not the only one outraged. I have used Verizon ever since cell phones were. I figure I have spent over 10,000 with them. Recently I moved to New Mexico from NY, and had to obtain wireless services. I did so through Verizon, but there were complications, admitted by them, that they could not figure out or correct. Therefore, the service did not work ever. But I had to go back and cancel service which never worked, and have to pay an early termination fee! For breaking a contract. But the reality is the contract is null and void if the service does not work! I have spent days of time and effort to correct it, spoke to countless reps all the way up the line. I will need to pay hundreds to discontinue that contract, and will discontinue phone service as I can not abide by their practices, and will have to pay more, because they are a terrible company. The most disturbing part, is that every human being I spoke with, I pleaded with Tell me if what I am saying is incorrect, or wrong. I never get an answer, just a drone response as if I was speaking with zombies. Logic does not work, they look down at their cue cards and tell you they understand your perspective. But refuse to do anything different. I have never colampined about a company in my life, but this has bowled me over and the reality that they can continue to be so horrific because no one stands up and says how absolutely soul sucking crazy it all is. I have spoken to others in just 24 hours, who are going to discontinue services even though they have to pay. Already their mistreatment of my situation has cost them hundreds of thousands, as my associates have spent what I have and would continue if it were not for their commitment to speaking out against this treatment. The problem is that this company gets away with this because people do not stand up. They made a terrible error with this person, because I have made it a personal mission to expose their practices. I feel sorry for anyone working for them, and hope they wake up to the fact that they are being dehumanized.Posted on Sat, 09/29/12 – 01:58 pm Reply

  • rashid says:

    Great article and great blog, I will share this information with my clients.Thanks for the advice

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