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Cloud Foundry Foundation Accelerates Verizon Cloud Strategy

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Verizon has committed to joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation when it forms in the fall. Late last year, Verizon signed on to the Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board to help accelerate the adoption of Cloud Foundry by developers and enterprises as part of Verizon’s long-term cloud strategy. Verizon has long been supportive of open standards investing both time and money to support the rapid maturity of the cloud market and provide businesses with cloud-based offerings that address specific needs like performance, cost and flexibility. In addition to Cloud Foundry, Verizon has also made investments in the Xen Project and Cloudstack.

From Verizon’s perspective supporting an open environment for cloud accelerates cloud ecosystem growth by creating a pathway for developing a true ecosystem of cloud services for enterprises. Creating this ecosystem of enterprise-grade technologies is core to our cloud strategy. Since the launch of our next generation cloud platform, Verizon Cloud, we have worked with variety of enterprise technology companies to develop cloud-based services based on our infrastructure. The list of companies we are working with includes Oracle, NetApp, Hitachi Data Systems, Cloudera and CloudBees.

We believe that in supporting open source projects we help increase the overall market acceptance of these platforms and encourage collaboration by cloud providers. This in turn strengthens the overall cloud market through additional quality, choice and value for enterprise customers. It is important for leading companies, like Verizon, to embrace open standards and encourage continued ecosystem development. This will speed market maturation and create real, cloud-based solutions for enterprises leveraging the best assets from both new and traditional IT technology companies to create a multi-cloud, multi-platform, multi-vendor solution landscape.

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