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Europe Eyes Data Protection Reform

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As Verizon Terremark serves large enterprises and government agencies running mission critical systems and information through our global data centers, we are constantly evaluating our data protection and governance models – from the robustness of the facilities that host the data to the managed and professional security services we use to fortify our customers’ assets.

For this reason, we generally welcome the overall objectives of the framework proposed by the European data protection law in January of last year and the European Cloud Computing Strategy released in late-September. The spirit of both initiatives embodies what I believe responsible cloud providers should do – vigilantly defend sensitive data to protect customers and their users. And with security often cited as a cloud obstacle, it’s good to see legislators note the relationship between the two.

I realize that some companies have expressed fears for unintended collateral damage from this legislation. Rather than shun collaboration, we suggest that legislators and technology leaders come together at the table to engage in open dialogue. Potential compromises to discuss could include an addendum to the law that allows for more flexible security recommendations for businesses or systems that are not storing/transacting personally identifiable information.

And it’s important to note that even among the non-reformist group are many who see benefits stemming from these proposals.  A recent survey found that while a majority of senior IT managers believe implementation of the law would incur additional cost for businesses, a smaller but still majority of respondents agreed that the law “would improve business security processes and consumer data protection.”

While legislators negotiate the complexities of data protection laws, Verizon Terremark is used to maintaining secure environments for customer data based on our heritage in enterprise cloud.  We will continue to enforce the following security recommendations – which we implement in our own infrastructure and align with the guidelines from the EU:

  • Redundant systems and on-site monitoring (at the data center level) to allow for improved security and availability for customers’ mission-critical systems
  • Provide robust facilities that deliver:
    • Essential IT & cloud infrastructure to enterprises active in the region
    • Diverse connectivity options in the region
    • Protection for customers’ data through Verizon’s managed and professional security services
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