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2013 State of the Enterprise Cloud – Now Available

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Remember when everyone was asking whether the cloud was ready for the enterprise? In 2013, it is a fact that the cloud is here and has been widely adopted by organizations in the private and public sector. Our business is the living proof. We have built cloud solutions from the ground-up that address the security, compliance, and reliability needs of the enterprise today.

For that reason, we have put together a report to share what we are seeing in terms of cloud adoption and usage in the enterprise, and a bit of educated prognostication as to what the future holds.

Let’s take a look at some of our findings:

–          Cloud usage is optimized and enterprises can do more with less resources, compared to last year

–          Enterprises are mainly deploying external facing applications and, increasingly, internal facing production applications like manufacturing and resource planning software applications

–          Uptime and availability are paramount

–          Security and related compliance requirements are enabling hybrid models to prevail

–          Big Data is and will continue to drive cloud adoption

The cloud has already changed the way enterprises view and leverage technology. This is only the beginning and the future looks as bright as ever. We should expect to see a dramatic transformation in the way applications are developed, accompanied by unmatched value and innovation across geographies and industries. For us in the IT industry, there is nothing better than seeing our cloud transform businesses and drive innovation and hopefully societies, forward.

To access the 2013 State of the Enterprise Cloud, click here.

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